It’s a couch. It’s a chair. It’s a bed. It’s a toy.
It’s an adventure for your kids.

Imagination Is Key.

Kids love Komfy Couches for its infinite number of combinations to it’s ultra soft fabric covers. The Komfy Couch stimulates creativity making it the hottest couch, toy, love chair on the market.

A Jungle In Your Living Room.

Komfy turns home into something ordinary, it turns your living room into your own jungle. Parents can avoid your grown up couch from destruction, giving kids a safe and fun adventure.

The Canadian Dream.

The Komfy Couch is a local family-owned Canadian business founded in Toronto, Ontario. From endless nights perfecting the design and quality of our couches, to the basement and living room turning into a storage facility we are living the Canadian dream of supporting Canadian families during the hardships of boring days.

The Komfy Couch Is Finally Here.

Classical and unique designs made by no other then Komfy Couch has finally arrived.
Choose from our designs, and get a couch from our factory to your doorstep.